Vision Ability

Who we are

We are Owais and Shahab Niaz, two Non Sighted brothers from East London. Having lost our sight at a very early age we had no choice other than to adapt. With the help of our family, as well as the community, we have managed to completely overcome our Disability and are now fully abled and functional members of our society. Our mission is to extend this network of support to every single Visually Impaired person that we can reach out to. 

Our mission

We have first hand experience of the impact of being diagnosed with a Visual Impairment. Living with a disability should not mean that one should live a lesser life. By addressing the abilities of people with disabilities, we want to help them get on their feet and believe in themselves. It is hard work, but we will be with you on every step, providing support, but also set the example. If we can do it, so can you. 

What we do

Each person has their own needs and skillsets. We are here to help with everything. Some of our services are: 
– Information and Support for filling out applications, either for Benefits or Employment. 
– IT support and training. 
– Travel Confidence. 
– Vi UX consulting. 
– Workshops. 
– Scholarships. 
– Employment Opportunities. 

Current Employment Opportunities

Role: Business Development and Marketing assistant. 

Employer: Tesseract Academy   

Visually Impaired people, aged 16 to 24 yo, on Universal Credit. Some IT experience appreciated. Full training provided.  

The Job 

In collaboration with Tesseract Academy and the government’s Kick Starter Scheme we can train and support you to start your career in the world of Artificial Intelligence. Tesseract Academy is an Institution that delivers both training and commercial applications in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Our organisation, Vision Ability, will help the selection of the applicants and deliver the training for the role. Support workers are also available at all stages of the process as well as the actual work. The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to create new jobs for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long term unemployment. We aim to extend this opportunity to people who are also Visually Impaired. According to the specifications, the job will be 25 hours per week, for six months, at Minimum Wage, but there is also the opportunity for extension. Furthermore, Dr Kampakis, the founder of Tesseract Academy, is also willing to offer Artificial Intelligence scholarships to Visually Impaired people, without an age restriction. Obviously, some coding background is required. 

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Contact Details

Vision Ability 
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Call us: 07943722343, or 07988750998